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Help Your Employees Feel Better with
Student Loan Relief


Provides the only complete student loan benefit that makes sense to attract and retain good employees.

to Work

“When employees are stressed financially,

their overall health and productivity suffer.”*

The stress and financial burden of student loans are making employees sick and impacting your organization. 

We are student loan finance experts providing an advisory service – est. in 2011; with experience in benefit administration, supported by our proprietary technology, we provide people with solutions to save money and improve their financial well-being.  Through our Student Loan Advisory Benefit, we've helped thousands of employees obtain significant savings utilizing student loan forgiveness programs.  Our ​expert Advisors and Client Services Teams develop plans employing very specific tactics to find savings through loan forgiveness or refinancing. 

Our Experience

We are experienced benefit enrollment advisors, our mission is to fully educate individuals and provide options to payoff loans sooner or increase monthly cashflow, help them realize immediate savings allowing them to achieve life goals, reduce stress, and feel the freedom that comes with improving their student loan situation.

Stephen Miller, CEBS Apr 29, 2016, Employees’ Financial Issues Affect Their Job Performance

  • A trifecta benefit incorporating assessment, advising and assistance 

  • Customized to meet your recruiting and retention objectives

  • Designed to maximize tuition reimbursement and retention budgets

  • Easy to setup, implement and administer

  • Secure and confidential

  • Online employee portal for easy enrollment

  • Expert Advisors educate on options, provide analysis with a savings plan

  • HR reporting and progress tracking

Benefit Features 

Everyone Feels Better

Enhances Recruiting and Improves Retention

Boosts Productivity and Lowers Absenteeism

Employees Save Immediately,

Reducing Financial Stress


Increase Employee Loyalty 

Student Loan Relief

Making student loan stress "disappear".


We apply your contribution towards principal or monthly payment. Through payroll deduction, the problem is

“Out-of-Sight”.  Your contribution provides real financial wellness and improves long-term retention.


Everyone is different. We get to know individual employees through an online assessment. We not only look at their student loans, we consider their complete financial situation, along with education and career goals. 

ISLoan Contribution™


We educate, analyze and advise! We determine the best course for saving by lowering payments through income driven options or refinancing, to lower interest and payment terms. We provide a payoff plan outlining employee's savings.  

ISLoan Relief™ 

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