• Employee Register and Complete Assessment Online

  • We determine options, one of three plans for approval

    1. PSLF​

    2. Back to  School 

    3. and/or Refinance

  • Schedules phone meeting with advisor (if necessary)

  • Student Loan Relief Plan is presented via employee portal

  • Select SLA and payment options

  • Payments sent automatically on-time to servicers

  • Employees access benefit and track progress online

Sounds Complicated

It is...“Nothing worthwhile is ever simple.”  But, we make it easy.  We’ve been advising on student loans and implementing strategies to leverage PSLF for years.  We have extensive experience dealing with confusing, complicated requirements of the Department of Education programs, federal and private loans, and loan servicers.  Expert student loan Advisors, and Client Services teams, combined with our proprietary application, makes us the only comprehensive benefit.  

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