The Only Student Loan Contribution Benefit that

Makes Sense for Nonprofit Employers

Employees' Circumstances are Unique 
Customize your long term retention benefit with a financial wellness tool like no other, so your Employees Feel Better!

Nonprofit employers need a comprehensive benefit considering Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) BEFORE refinancing, employer contributions towards payments,lump sum offers or tuition reimbursement.  Paying towards an employees' loans without considering the PSLF program FIRST could have a negative financial impact on your employee and end up costing your organization more. 

Our expert student loan Advisors meet with employees to educate them about their options; PSLF, other loan forgiveness programs or refinancing. We discuss their current situation, financial goals and provide a payoff plan. 

Student Loan Relief

Employees need to be fully informed before refinancing student loans or accepting assistance.